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Tanya [userpic]

(no subject)

22nd December 2005 (21:36)

current mood: thoughtful
current song: Wonder Boy [Tenacious D]

Last night...T's party...

Total ammount of alcohol consumed:

4 Bottles of Champagne

1 Bottleof Wine

1L of WKD

20 Beers and 19 Barcardi Breezers. Oh yes oh yes!...Between 13 people of course. Anyway pictures....

Before alcoholCollapse )

I learnt that...afros make comfortable pillows and....to keep a lesh on Nicole as she does tend to steal other peoples wine!

Tanya [userpic]

(no subject)

17th December 2005 (20:54)

current mood: tired
current song: it's Better If You Do [Panic! At The Disco]


Ok so me and Jo went to see Mcfly on Thursday.....

click to read so much moreCollapse )

At the end of a good day....

Tanya [userpic]

Mcfly - 1st October 2005

5th October 2005 (20:29)

current mood: impressed
current song: She Falls Asleep (part 2) [Mcfly]

Journal title kinda gives the whole plot away...

With Tyler James and another group.......

Anyway....Mcfly GoodnessCollapse )

Ahh good times

Comments greatly appriciated!

Much Love

Tanya [userpic]


24th September 2005 (00:50)

current mood: blah
current song: The Transition [Hawthorne Heights]

Without Thought were so unbelievably good, they are my new fave local band.  Didn't stay for the Battery removal Scene, the sets before i.e The Off Position were also fooking awesome!

More Without ThoughtCollapse )

Tanya [userpic]

GCSE Results

1st September 2005 (00:01)

current mood: apathetic
current song: Try Honesty [Billy Talent]

It's kinda late for this, I know, but on Thursday we did actually get out GCSE results. Wahay A in English Lit. *is proud*, I could've done sooo much better in Classics and RS though, kinda dissappointing, but oh well. Here are some of the pictures from the actual school.

ResultsCollapse )

And then there was the after party...

Zee After PartyCollapse )

And that be it...comments greatly appriciated

Love & Light

Tanya [userpic]

Was Bored...

19th June 2005 (22:28)

current mood: bored
current song: Your Song [Finch]

Dead soul
Your soul is dead.
You've probably been through one too many rough
times in your life which has eaten you up from
the inside. Now there's nothing more to eat
from since you just don't care anymore. Life is
meaningless and you live it like a zombie. The
good thing though is that you cant be hurt,
since you are so distant from the emotional
world. Love is something you dont understand or
just dont remember. If it was up to you, your
life would already be over, but it doesn't make
you suicidal. You are probably alone most of
the time, looking at the world with a blank
stare. The yearning to feel alive and be happy
has simply gone away. What's left now is only
the shell of what used to be you.

How is your soul?(pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

Tanya [userpic]

MTV Movie Awards 2005

13th June 2005 (20:28)

current mood: calm
current song: Paint Your Target [Fightstar]

Well on Saturday it was the MTV Award night, this being the night that my friends come round and basically go a lil mad. They came, we drank (red bull) Which actually got us really hyper, who says you need alcohol to get the party started!

Well I have pictures to shareCollapse )

Love & Light


Tanya [userpic]

Time to say Good bye!

19th May 2005 (22:27)

current mood: nostalgic
current song: Wake Me Up When September Ends [Green Day]

 I felt the need for this entry...

School finishes for us tomorrow, it just hit me that everyone's leaving, sounds stupid I know (but I am slow on the uptake). The people that I have grown up with since year 7-11 will be gone and I won't see them as often as before, it seems wierd that we decided to get close and develop more friendship in year 10-11, which is really enough time to get to know each other. Here are the people that I have shared most of my life with and is like a second family to me: (If you don't see your name, you're staying on! haha)

Jo - What can I say, apart from you are a sister to me, I have never been friends for so long with a person like you. I have known Jo since year 8 when we found out that our locker keys could open each other. We have had our times, the Elijah Wood sleep over, I was sick, you got upset that I couldn't be there, but you have a picture of me of that day and I look so spaced out, how dare you keep it and make fun of me! It still haunts me to this day. Our Lord of the Rings obsession was fun, seeing FOTR 15 times in the cinema! Seeing ROTK at midnight and seeing it again on the same day. More recently, our expeditions to random TV shows and star encounters! MOM...Spiderman 2...Mcfly 2004...Busted 2004...Collectormania with Elijah! They were the best days of my life and I hope we do continue them, we could make time in our busy lives next year in college/Sixth form to do so! I will miss you so much though, 5 years of knowing you, I think I would! xxx

Alice - Oh dear dear Alice, how the hell did I meet you! I think our friendship sprung from the ground our something. We have shared some good times though, we never were that close in the past years, but in year 10/11 we got the best of friends and I will NEVER forget you, and I will keep in touch with you. You are the craziest person in the class and has such a wicked sense of humour. Memories with Alice...Christina Aguilera October 2003, remember getting in trouble with Mrs Cairns because someones mother said they were going to a concert, why would she do that! And of course who can forget hippo and LOTR. I think you're the person who obsessed about it the most with me, Pippin, who can forget that, and slipping into the beer song from time to time. More recently, I think attempting to start a band with you had to be the funniest. When you came to my house with Jo and we started to play 'What I go to School for' and 'Swing Swing', lets face it, we all really sucked that time. Well I will miss you so much and will keep in touch with you, I can't think of a proper excuse not to...except please stop playing footsie with me under the dinning room table. Although I will miss that. xxx

Nicole - We kinda really got close now, when you're just leaving! You're the only person who really has the same fashion sense as me and I will miss obsessing about music with you. My Chemical Romance and Good Charlotte of course! Remembering our trip to see Good Charlotte in April, so good! The photos didn't really develop properly, Billy still looks like a ghost on every single one. I never have shared many memories with you, but I hope I do share more in the future, I have one big memory of us, it would be further down the page though! My earliest memory of you was in Year 6 when you used to be best friends with Annie, I used to always hang around with you at break, I was a tag along I admit! But you have been a good friend of mine from Year 10-11 and I will see you in the future, the future being very soon. xxx

Steph - My dear Steph! We kinda just grew to like each other, hanging out at lunch time and wondering round the terrapins with you. You are such a great friend to me, you share the same views as me and I can depend on you when I need to talk. Thank you for being there for me! My memories with you, well the main one will be posted further down, my recent one being in Maidenhead, who can forget the lovely Tony and Stephen (I hope the don't find this). I was so scared to walk up to them, but remember our stalking tactics and them following us to the cinema, oh what good times! You live down the road from me so I hope to see you soon again xxx

T - I think we've become friendly over the years, really through Alice. We haven't thought of wach other as best friends and we haven't developed our friendship into something more than it could have been till the last minute. I do think of you as one of my best friends and I will miss you so much. Good Charlotte was such a good night and I hope to share many other gigs with you. I'm sure I will. I hope you keep in touch later, you're on MSN so I can talk to you, and I do hope that we meet up and go out, it will be so good, I will miss you again......xxxx

Abby - I will start in your famous way 'Remember me when I am gone', I will miss your crudeness the most, you do say the weirdest things, especially in Chemistry last week, why would you do that! (hehe) I didn't squirm anyway. I admit I do love your taste in music, I only stole Biffy from you, I was surprised at what you had on your Ipod, and realised we did actually share the same taste in music. We didn't really spend alot of time together, but when we did they have been good times, just randomly talking to you has been great! I hope to see you in the future...I expect everything of you because I love you (remember!) xxx

Gangters 2005: Me, T, Jo, Alice, Steph and Nicole. I remember this so well! October 2004, Open Evening of our school. Ok, how stupid can we get. First, we all decide to stay in school but we have no lunch and we can't stand 2 hours without food, what did we do, order pizza. This is me thinking we are allowed to order pizza into the school after hours, so I order pizza and someone tells me that in the rules it states no taxis or pizza orders. Me panicking by now went outside to wait with Jo for the pizza. T, Alice and Steph go outside and wait on the wall for the pizza man, me and Jo go and join you and we see a cute guy cycle past on a bike, all of you excelpt me start screaming for him. I wonder if they heard us (Sarcasm!) We went it to collect the pizza, it actually looked as though we were dealing drugs, lmao! All of a sudden, Mrs Dunn turns up at the window and what do you all do RUN! What makes it worse was that you started shouting run its the head! I, being the clever one walked when she thought I ran, then guess what, I was left carrying the pizza!

Second part: We ate in the lodge, how stupid was that.We ate in there with out Mrs B. 's permission, went to her the next day she said she wouldn't actually mind us eating in there. I guess the smell of pizza and the mess we made didn't give us the hint to not do that and actually litter the place. We got shyte from teachers all in that week, how good was that? I hope we never forget that, I doubt we will!

Luchtimes: I would never forget the lunch times we shared in that dinning room, random I know, but I won't. It was usually me, Steph, Jo, Nicole and Alice, but sometimes we did switch tables. Steph, you health freak! Nicole likes smushed luches, especially by Jo! Jo likes eating bottle tops and smushing Nicoles lunch and Alice likes playing footsie under the table with all of us, I will never forget that, I don't actually need you touching me like that, don't you dare call me a homophobe, because you know I'm not, I just don't like it being acted out on me.

Easter Concert 2005: Jo and Nicole managed to piss me off for the first time and me and Steph ran off in a bad mood and we were veeeeeery angy indeed. But what happened then did actually change our life after...gay activities in the locker room. Who can forget the time when Nicole straddled Alice and Alice said she could see up Nicoles skirt. It wasn't different from other times, its just that Nicoles mum was standing in the doorway petrified of the lesbian activities going on. I was sitting on the bench looking at the scene, Jo was laughing her head off and about to join in and Steph was just standing there with me, Nicoles mum looked at me in such a wierd way...random I know.

The Year 10's: It always turns out the year below us are seriously screwed up, (I don't think they would read this). We would always spy on them at lunch time to see if they sneaked out of school for a smoke. We did actually catch them, but me being slow on the uptake, it took a while for it to register that they were actually going to go and smoke, I ran so fast to the staff room with my handbag in my hand and it wasn't actually to do with school...They sent three teachers out around the school looking for them and still didn't catch them, how funny is that??

OAP's Panto [December 2003]: This seems as if it were yesterday and its so fresh in my mind. I 'wrote' a play for us, it was LOTR: Parody. Everyone built my hopes up of doing it then people started to bunk out of it.

Cast List:

Frodo - Jo

Sam - Me

Pippin - Alice

Gandalf - Steph

Elrond - Annie

Aragorn - Nicole

Bilbo - Nicole

Legolas -  We didn't actually have one.

Boromir - We didn't have one

Ringwraith - Esha in a scream mask

Galadriel - Frankie

Jo's afro, how funny was that! Developing the name 'Afro Jo', then me in my mullet, gardeners trousers and gardeners shirt, I really did look like sam! I think Alice did look the best. She looked so much like Pippin it got wierd. Me and Jo went out and bought every thing for that, along with all the candles, crackers etc. All in all it cost £50 + though we decided to leave that bit out...

Isle of Weight [September 2004] It was the first time I actually made friends with the people I didn't really get along with before, this was Katie F, Holly, Abby, T and Piggy. Piggy and I bonded in the showers, I don't think we can forget the time we bonded, it was special, and secret only to how we did that! I also got talking to the others, and didn't realise how much we clicked together, it was so fab. Half way through that week for the bio part the others joined us, they basically ransacked the rooms. Steph and Nicoles room were plastered with Mcfly posters and Alice and Jo...were just plain wierd! Still a good time...

French trip to Normandy [February 2002] A very early memory and the first time we were without parents and staying in one room together. I can remember sharing a room with Jo, Abby and Esha...I'm sorry if I missed you. I remember Jo moaning in the night and everyone getting up to look at her. That gave us the first taste of her dirtiness! I also remember going to the French market with you and tripping over a ton of bollards...again random

Slash/Fanfic: I was the bringer of that way back in year 9. Me and Jo used to sit at the back of the field on a bench and read Orlando one's at the time they were PG. Then I looked at NC 17 ones and bought them in...remember 'The Nessa Stone' and my big pile of slash that fell down the stairs that I tripped over, that was stupid I know. I think most people had slash under the bend at that time, I remember seeing T's file with 'Aragorn' on the front. Funneh! And I printed off a 50 page slash fic in the IT room and it wouldn't stop printing! That was all Alices fault!

Pirates of the Caribbean Premier : Back in 2002 with T. This was so fun, we nearly missed the tube because she couldn't walk in her massive clogs. We also ate the biggest ice cream possbile before actually going into the cinema where we decided to abandon the pick and mix and fruit shoots. I remember seeing Orlando's mum and T clinging onto me when she was walking down the 'red carpet', she didn't actually walk she decided to hobble in front of the thousands of people. Still we met a ton of people, it was so funkeh, I still have the programme and I saw yours on your ceiling.

Spiderman 2 [July 2004]: This was on a school day just before the end of term. Jo was so pessimistic about Mcfly actually being there, and I was so sure that they were. I herd obviously playing in the distance and sprinted to where it was coming from, Jo followed me and then mum started running after us. That day ruled, I'm sorry to sound teenie, but oh my god, recognition from Harry because he said he wanted to come down and talk to us, but he did dig my shirt! Another adventure of TAJ

MOM [September 2004] : Me and Jo going all the way to Kent to see Mcfly, it did pay off though. Auntie taking a massive flask of coffee out of her purse and offering you some. Then arriving at the studio to early and waiting at the garden centre for about 4 hours! We went back again and blocked Mcfly from actually getting into the studio because mums car was in the way and she refused to move, so they decided to manovre around her! That was the first evil got from Dougie! Then we went in, remembering we got pelted with ostrich eggs and Harry watching my back and waving to us, maybe because we annoyed him the night before! Mum was basically drinking coffee with Dougie and being eyed up by Danny whilst Auntie was faffing around in her bag for a bloody pen for Harry.

BSB Meeting Prior to MOM: Abby came round, we had the best time making the BSB poster, we also went on the trampoline and had so much fun! Random porn pictures in my garden. That meeting was so random and wasn’t really meant to happen, but anyway fab time achieved.

MTV Movie Awards [June 2004]: Alice, me, Jo and Nicole all crammed into my house a few hours prior to our party! We disturbed the neighbours barbecue by all of us jumping at the same time on the trampoline, we also blasted mcfly and Busted on full volume and sang our hearts out. Why did we do that? It was so good!

MTV Movie Awards [June 2003]: I has been a tradition and will remain a tradition that you shall all come to my house for the awards, there is more space if more film fanatics want to come! This was so long ago I only remember us screaming our heads off when Elijah came on stage and did his acceptance speech and remember the Gollum and Andy thing! That was so funny! Billy also wore my Jade necklace to the awards, that made my year!

Jack the Ripper Walk [March 2005]: Me, Nicole and Jo travelled to an unnamed place and saw that building…that great building! It was such a stressful day and wasn’t even funny, I knew Danny was in the toilet throwing up the remains of the night before, disgusting garden though. Great day though!

Halloween with Nicole and Jo: This was a long time ago, but it was the first time I’d been to Nicole’s house, it was the funniest thing because I didn’t know where the hell we were going and her little brothers cloak wouldn’t fit me!

I think I’ve rambled enough now and I will miss all of you, Holly, Steph S, Annie, Louisa, Jade, G and Katie OR. Keep in touch, I love you all too and I will see you all soon in the future!

PS: Pictures coming very soon!!!


Tanya [userpic]

(no subject)

24th April 2005 (20:52)

current mood: mellow
current song: Last Summer [Lost Prophets]

Tanya Aisha Rebecca Aubeeluck's Aliases

Your movie star name: Python Lloyd

Your fashion designer name is Tanya Belgium

Your socialite name is Tantan Reading

Your fly girl / guy name is T Aub

Your detective name is Cat Brigidine

Your barfly name is Ice Cream Barcardi

Your soap opera name is Aisha Rebecca Mill Green

Your rock star name is TimTams Max

Your star wars name is Tanlan Aubmax

Your punk rock band name is The Horny Square

This is rather random!

Tanya [userpic]

(no subject)

4th April 2005 (21:47)

current mood: busy
current song: Wires [Athlete]

If LJ Were a Bar by Karen_Walker
Dancing Badlybear_blue_eyes
Playing Poolmusiclover817
Playing Dartsjonesy_baby
Singing Karaokef0rgetmen0t
Got in with a Fake IDleggyslove
Guy with a Mulletemmietoodles
Too Drunk to Standjoeybug
Hitting on Everyonematey_joe_pal
Hot Chickdmavs4
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Mnyes..at least I'm not the one singing kareoke anymore!

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